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everyhuman is a new kind of school for executives, founders, teams and other ambitious individuals. We’re reimagining connection and we help people cultivate deeper bonds with themselves while also doing the same with others + the planet. We’re developing an entire ecosystem to help you on your journey of discovery. Currently, we offer cohort-based learning experiences – both virtually and in person – to Fortune 100 companies & tech startups grounded in scientific research and life experiences. We’ve also successfully helped a few top companies launch + scale their own wellness & meaningful workplace initiatives with much, much more to come!


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Embark each day starting with a positive note called Reminders … because we believe you already have everything you need inside. Our thoughtful messages will bring a smile to your face, spark your curiosity, and remind you to make the most of each day. Join now to get a daily dose of power delivered straight to your inbox and let’s add a little extra magic to your journey!